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Hi my name is Charel

I use to serve in the South African Military but left that life behind to start traveling as a Dive Master.

I’m normally a man of a few words, but when it comes to writing I really enjoy sharing my adventures with those who like a good story.

My philosophy in life is to live it in such a way that I can look back on it in a few years and say it’s been worth more than any amount of money in my bank account could have been.


If your interested in starting a life of traveling and need a bit of information or if you just want to read more about my travels over the years then give my travel blogs a look as they include good photo’s and video’s I took myself.

My stories involve life on a Kibbutz in Israel, living in the mountains of France, being a scuba diving guide in Phi Phi islands Thailand, riding dirt bikes on the Red dunes of Namibia, rediscovering my roots in The Netherlands and Road tripping Africa.

There’s still many more to come and I hope you keep following my story.

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