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Hi my name is Charel

I use to serve in the South African Military and after completion I set out to start traveling as a Dive Master. That’s the guy that takes you deep in the ocean to look at fish, something like extreme bird watching.

I’m normally a man of a few words, but when it comes to writing I really enjoy sharing my adventures with those who like a good story.

My philosophy in life: To live in such a way that I can look back in a few years from now, knowing that my day’s have been worth more than a big amount of money in my bank account could have been.


If your interested in traveling or just want to read more about a traveling lifestyle, then give my travel blogs a look as they include good photo’s and video’s I took while on my travels.

My stories involve life on a Kibbutz in Israel, living in the French Alps in Europe, being a scuba diving guide in Phi Phi islands Thailand, riding dirt bikes on the Red dunes of Namibia, rediscovering my roots in The Netherlands and a Road tripping guide for Africa.

There’s still many more to come and I hope you keep following my story as I prepare to set sail.

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