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Charel Nezar

Hi fellow traveler!

My name is Charel Nezar creator of this website, I am glad you want to learn more about me and my blog.

I used to serve in the South African military. But now you can find me travel writing around the world with just my backpack and a trusty candle wax powered laptop.

My autobiography:

I have always been a sport orientated individual finding my passion in being active and taking on sports such as Motocross, rugby and boxing, it was what I lived for.The day I left school I did not want to go to any university but rather join my countries military, I saw it as a degree in mental toughness and I still think it is a natural course my life should have taken.

I joined the 2 year voluntary MSDS program for the South African Military or SANDF in 2012 and went for a 2 weeks selection shortly after, I was declared G1K1 and was posted to an Infantry unit in some small town, for the next 6 months I was put through the most grueling bush training known to man.


After my Infantry training I was selected for the Sapper core, one of the most honored units in the defense force and that is about all I am allowed to say. After reaching my goal in the Military I set my eyes on my next adventure and it was to explore the world and my love for nature.


I left the Military and did all my diving courses in a small marine conservatory called Sodwana, still some of the best I have ever seen. I learned how to be a normal human being again without all the military structure. I learned about marine life from marine biologists and how to navigate in the turbulent waters of South Africa. After meeting my first great white shark face to face I knew I was spirituality at the right place in my life, it was the best combination of emotions life could offer me and gave me a purpose again.


After spending my fair share of time in paradise, I relocated to a small island in Thailand called the Phi Phi islands and worked there for a few months and it turned out to be the best time of my life, I met people from all over the world, joined a conservation project and fell in love for a few day’s. Life was intense but after all I was a military man with all the freedom in the world and I made it count.


After leaving the island I was working on a farm in a very rural part of Thailand but there was a motocross track and a few dirt bikes so it was a good flip side from Island life. I was riding a 144cc TM and after riding there for 3 weeks one mistake cut my travels short. I had a big crash over a double jump and gave myself a grade 5 break on my collarbone (that is a break and a dislocation), after getting to the hospital in a small town I was met by a very nice doctor who could not speak a word of English, but his hand signals were pretty good and me being a diver I understood him. I was probably the first white person in that area and the nurses were a bit jumpy they shot me full of morphine every time I tried my luck.


After a three hour operation, four screws and one plate were planted in my shoulder I slowly made my way back home to South Africa. Not being able to travel much at home I had a great idea on starting my own adventure travel blog. The motivation was to help and inspire people to start traveling and getting involved with nature and the conservation of it.

I am only getting started on my travels and there is still a lot more I want to see and do, one of my many dreams is to travel around the world on a catamaran.

What will you benefit from my story?

•If you ever thought of traveling.
•Want to learn about secret traveling destination off the beaten track.
•If you love the ocean
•Want to learning about marine life.
•Get in depth knowledge about South Africa.
•While gaining some spiritual advice I have learned through my experience.

Then you are on the right blog, this blog is here to inspire you!

Thanks for reading.
Charel Nezar