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About Charel

I am glad you want to learn more about me and my travel blog, it all started as a method of communicating with friends and family while traveling and grew into a platform that has inspired people to live a life less ordinary.

My philosophy in life has always been to live in such a way that I can look back in a few years from now, knowing that my day’s have been worth more than the gold in my pocket.

How I got here…:

My story starts in a small army barracks after joining the MSDS program for the South African Military, using my spare time to keep a dairy of my daily routine, and the philosophy I used to get me through my training. I was put through one of the most gruelling bush and fieldcraft training, where I was trained in the art of long term survival and rules of warfare.


I love shooting, pushups and camping so even though it was the hardest thing Ive ever done, it was still my passion.

After my Infantry training I was selected for the Sapper Core – which is combat engineering training, it’s one of the most honoured units in the defence force and that’s about all I can say. After reaching my goal in the military I set my eyes on the next adventure and it was to travel as far and wide as I could go, I wasn’t running away but more like searching for something.


I started scuba diving in a small town called Sodwana Bay, still some of the best diving I have ever seen. I learned how to be a normal human being again without all the military structure. I learned about marine life from marine biologists and how to navigate in the turbulent waters of South Africa.

About 6 months into my diving training I had my first encounter with a great white shark, I always thought it would be the coolest experience while never thinking if I would feel any fear of a shark attack, but when facing a 6m Great white with only 4 divers in the water while on a safety stop it would be un humanly to say I didn’t breach onto the boat like a whale.


After spending my fair share of time in paradise, I relocated to a small island in Thailand called the Phi Phi islands and worked there for almost a year. It turned out to be the best time of my life. Who would have evert thought you could get payed to take people from all over the world on diving trips around an island. I had to start writing about my experiences to let my friends know you could also be doing this.


After leaving the island I started working for a retired expat who now resides in Thailand, he owns a whole range of dirt bikes and is equipped to the T, he even had his own motocross track. I lived and worked there for a good, but not very long time before a big crash ended up cutting my travels short.

I had a big crash over a double jump and gave myself a grade 5 break on my collarbone (that’s a break and a dislocation), after getting to the hospital in a small town I was met by a very nice doctor who could not speak a word of English. His hand signals were pretty good and me being a diver I understood him. I was probably the first white person in that area because the doctor was showing everyone my bruises as if they had never seen it before.


I left Thailand in a sling and painkillers in hand, making my long trip back to South Africa. Which is around the time I started my blog, writing about some of the places I have seen such as Israel, Madagascar, and Thailand. I then set off to travel through Europe where I wrote about my time in a small village.

I have been working in South Africa for the last two years of my life were I met my girlfriend Tamzin who is also a scuba diver, we now share a dream of buying our own sailing boat and starting a three year around the world sailing journey.

My blog will become active again and we will start creating videos of our travels to keep family,friends and followers up to date. Hope you join our mailing list for future updates.

Thanks for reading.
Charel Nezar

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