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Koh Phi Phi backpacking guide

Spending 3 day’s in Phi Phi:


If you ever thought of going, planning a trip or just want to learn more about these islands you are on the right blog. If you have 3 day’s to spend in Phi Phi it is enough to blow your mind.

I have spent 5 months scuba diving there and it was the best time of my life, everything I learned about this island is in this blog, from restaurants, parties places, best activities and diving spots all around the island. Give it a read and leave a comment if you need any more information.


Phi Phi islands layout:

These islands form an archipelago of six islands just off the coast of Phuket and Krabi, they are easily reachable by either taxi boat, speed boat or ferry (ferry being the cheapest). These islands are commonly known for its beautiful limestone cliffs, turquoise waters and breath taking under water paradise.

Koh Yung and Bamboo Islands:

They form the top part of the Phi Phi islands, closest to Krabi and are great for a day trip with a cheap local taxi boat (about 600bat pp for the day).

Koh Phi Phi Don:

The Phi Phi islands fall under the Krabi province with the biggest island being Ko Phi Phi Don, it is also the only island out of the six that you can stay on and even though it can be a bit touristy at times it is what gives the island it’s flavor.

Here is some information on the islands best accommodation, restaurants and bars in my opinion.

Best accommodation on the island:



There is a lot of accommodation on the island and for different budgets, the islands biggest group of travelers are backpackers so there is a lot of cheap accommodation available. I will recommend the best cheap dorms, hostels and backpackers in my opinion that are close to the parties and beach:
• The Rock Backpacker’s (in the main street).
• Center Point Hostel (close to my favorite bar).
• Blanco Dorm rooms (on the beach)

(All about 300 to 600 Bat depending on season)



  • Beacha (close to parties).
  • Andaman resort (Quiet side of the island).
  • Phi Phi Hotel (nice rooms).
  • Chaoko lodge and hotel (close to the dive shop).

(About 1500 Bat but prices vary)




Travelers from all over the world have fallen in love with the local food, even though PP is an island the food is still very good if you know where to go.

Best Thai food:

  • Panag curry (can be spicy).
  • Masaiman curry (not very spicy but very famous dish).
  • Pad Thai (easy cheap Thai meal).

There are a lot of restaurants on the island but here are my favorites 4:

1. DMC restaurant (good food and good prices, best for lunch).
2. PP Arcade (good food and in the heart of town, best for dinner).
3. Phi Phi Bakery (best for early breakfast before diving).
4. Annas (Best for dinner quiet side)




Party rules for PP is you always have pre drinks at one of the local bars while playing a few games of Beer Pong, which has become a local tradition. The bars stay open until 12pm and then every one heads to the beach.

Best local bars:

  • Banana Rooftop bar (My favorite, they play a movie every night from 7pm to 9pm and then the beer pong starts).
  • Reggae Bar (They have thai kick boxing there and anyone can have a fight, winner gets a free bucket and a medal).
  • Stockholm Syndrome (They are one of the big party bars and run the beer pong scene, you can hand out flyers for them in the streets during the day and get free drinks at night).

Koh Phi Phi Leh:


Just under the main island we have Koh Phi Phi Lei, most of the day tours will be taking you too this island which is commonly known from the movie “The Beach”, made famous by a bay called Maya Bay. It is in my opinion the most beautiful island and has 3 bay’s you can go to namely:
• Maya Bay (biggest and most famous).
• Loh Samah Bay (you can do a small walk from this bay through to Maya bay while missing some of the boat traffic).
• Phi Ley lagoon (in my opinion the most beautiful bay and not many tourists know of it but most taxi boats and speed boats will take you)

Activities on the island:


There are a wide range of activities from rock climbing, island hoping, kayaking, booz cruises and my favorite scuba diving. But my recommendation will save you money and show you the best this Island has to offer:

  • Taking a kayak around the bottom part (South side) of Ko Phi Phi don, past Monkey bay. The trip will take about a day but you will be covering the best part of the island while missing all the crazy touristy spots, it costs about a 100bat an hour for a kayak but some smooth talking you can do this trip with only 700bat.
  • If you do not want to make it a day trip, you can still grab a kayak and within two hours you can see either Monkey bay or Nui bay and be back for lunch, make sure you take a mask and fins for snorkelling and watch out for the monkeys at monkey bay. (costs only 200bat).
  • Maya bay is a must see but if you want to avoid the tourist rush make sure you either go in the morning with a taxi boat between the hours of 7 and 10 or in the evening on a sleep aboard, spending the night in the bay sleeping on the top deck of a boat with a small chance of seeing the bioluminescents in season. The bay is very busy from 10am to 4pm so try and avoid these times.
  • Phi Phi view point, only costs 20Bat and has a view of the hole PP Don island and a slight view of PP Leh.
  • A scuba diving trip is a must costing only 2500Bat for a qualified diver, that includes 2 dives and lunch in one of the beautiful bays. First time divers costs only 3400Bat and includes all gear rental, training and 2 dives with no previous experience needed.

Scuba diving spots on the island:

Now we enter my field of expertise, I have been diving on this island for a few months as I slowly make my way around the world. I dived over 200 dives in Phi Phi alone and it was with a dive center that goes by the name Island Divers, they are the best in the business and I recommend them above all.

The owner’s name is Kenny and he is fully deaf but one of the nicest people you will ever meet, I will be talking now about my favourite dive sites, you have not seen these islands at all if you haven’t gone under water around them:

Koh Beta Nok and Koh Beta Nai:

You can make it around Nai in just one dive with a max dept of about 22m, but Nok is a bit bigger having both a shallow and deep side. The deep side is very special because it has tons of soft coral and is not dived that often, max depth deep is about 30m but it is a wall dive so it is better spending your time at 15m to stretch your bottom time.


Palong to Maya bay:

This is hands down my favorite dive because it is easy to navigate and has a mix of 3 things, one big outstanding bommy coral, a small cave and sharks. That is a rare mix in the diving world, you can find a wide range of small sea life there and while I was on the island we found cleaner pipe fish, harlequin shrimp and a tiger tail sea horse. Max depth about 18m.


Kled Gaeow Wreck dive:

Last but not least the famous Phi Phi Wreck dive. This wreck was purposely sunk in 19 March 2014 to create a beautiful dive site, top of the ship stands at 14m and the bottom at 26m. it is 13m long and you can spend about 30min flying around this dive site, a lot of lion fish and scorpion fish are found there so be safe.


Thank you for reading and I hope this blog was useful to you, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Safe travels and please leave a comment.

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